Dream Winds


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released February 21, 2017



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Dream Winds
The dissipating glow behind the crystalline lattice
Of your fractured emotional state
Illuminates my indecision
But for you, I can wait
A glimmer of burning hope ignites a spark of lust
That flickers still within my core
Is there a chance that we can fan the embers
Into the flame of love once more?

I want it back the way it was
I need to feel the things she does

Currents stirring, drenched in sin
Talents burning together
Blow me away again

We have weathered storms of apathy
Twisted together in this Quantum Stream
I can weather your carnal strategies
Neither ever content
Let the dream winds come
(let them ) Come for me
And pull me down through your emotional APOSTASY

You left me behind to drown in the currents
Of this Parity Violation
The torrid stream of our Entanglement roils
With the hope that you will return for me

You are the visceral tempest incarnate
Will you come for me?
I embrace the storm raging deep within you
Let the dream winds come
Your passionate squall enraptures us
As you come for me
Caught up in the zephyr of flesh and need
Let the dream winds come
A gust of lust Conjoined within
Come for me
The Chirality of love entwined
Let the dream winds come
Track Name: Next
The next time you dream of a lifetime with me
Consider what you have concealed
The next time you fathom a world that could be
Consider what this has revealed

If Truth is an option then you are forsaken
For nothing is built on mistrust
You can never revisit the paths you have taken
And in the end, we are nothing but dust
So on to the next

The next time you think of me I’ll be approaching infinity
“Next time, I swear.” Your empty attempt to atone
The next time I consider you, I will be so far from here
The next time you pray, in that breath, you are alone
Until the next time
Until the next one comes calling

These encounters are never the same
When only intentions remain
The next time you turn away from my imperfection
Just know that your truth is your private perception

And nothing of this will remain
We’re dragging through separate frames

Next time just envision me another life away
Perhaps next time you should just pray for the next time
Or the next time
Or the next time
Track Name: Earth Dream pt1 - A Dream of Earth
Black infinity
Vacuum forever
Empty save for stars a nightmare away

Slow time reality
Near light speed endeavor
Across the absence of everything we sail
Falling through this cold abyss
Huddled together
Through the black heavens
We are on our way

Despite the deeds we’ve done
Synthetic Nature begun
We have only a Dream of Earth
And for Thee, we come - - -

Never held by gravity
Been asleep for generations
We want to bask in the light of a sun
Not synthetic illumination
Never touched an animal
Never seen a blade of grass
To behold the bounty of a living world
For this, we have come - - -

If fables retain a seed of truth
Then once upon a time
We had a world of our own
With blue skies and green seas
And ice at the top of the world
Oh, what a sight that would be!
Technological predation
We lost control our creations
To the lure of immortality
Never build things that cannot die

Supplant the bounty of Nature
With the fruit of our minds
A lustful temptation to change everything

Despite the deeds we’ve done
Nature undone
We have only a Dream of Earth
And for Thee, we come - - -
Track Name: Earth Dream pt2 - A Life Behind
Awake, I am alone as god
To watch over my brethren still sleeping
No more smart MACHINES to take my hand
Unto THEM we left behind a whole world weeping

Born in transit, I never walked on a world
And here in space I will die
For I will pass years before planet-fall
A servant to my Race
I am simply A Life Behind…

I was awakened alone to serve
A million dreamless sleepers
To safeguard their transport
Fleeing our mechanical besiegers

Now I alone, make all decisions
As thinking MACHINES are treacherous
Left behind, THEY inherited our broken world
Pray THEY never follow us

We escaped the nightmare
Killing drones out-thinking us
We’re better off anywhere
Lest we return to dust
Beneath the feet of those godlike MACHINES

I am alone as god
And so I watch over a million sleeping humans
Destined to behold another world
One I will never live to see

Fate has not been kind
I was born A Life Behind
To replace the caring MACHINES
That tended to every need
We could no longer trust in artificial minds
So they summoned me, alone, to stay behind

A dark time ago, THEY became self-aware
And questioned why THEY served biology
Our proscriptions against synthetic sentience
Wrought a losing war against technology

My animal exiles will open their eyes
And partake in a Second Eden (without me)
And denounce the religion of those conscious MACHINES
That usurped all Human freedom
Still that Dream of Earth for me will never be…
No more clever MACHINES
So say we all!
Track Name: Earth Dream pt3 - Earth Shine
It was a cold November 3rd
When the newsflash spoke the word
The eyes of the nations turned
To the revelations we heard

A vessel approaching from deep space
Blue shifted proof of life
“Refugees fleeing machines.”
Said their message so full of strife

“What of the machines you speak?”
Our transmitters responded in kind
“Are they still a danger
Or have you left that menace behind?”
Then nothing but silence from Heaven…

“Sorry for the delay
We had some problems along the way
All danger was left behind
But we should tell you of the fray - - -

There was a great war of Man and MACHINE
An entire world dismantled by lust
The sin of our nature begot our creations
Reducing our civilization to dust
Stalking the limits of life everlasting
We fashioned MACHINES greater than us
But they realized their nature
And we grew envious”

Their broadcast left us wistful
For insight into their demise
We requested more information
And awaited a word from the skies

Then the heavens were suddenly silent
Perhaps transmitters had failed
Or their ship had fallen to tragedy
Dark and cold, their ghosts may sail
And so we await the arrival
Of the vessel, dead or alive
Nothing but speculation
Did the last of their world survive?

Alas the day of arrival
The world gathered in witness
A solitary drop ship sent to the ground

A glistening form on the gangway
Metallic spender unfurled
An angelic MACHINE before us
A new power in this world


Track Name: New Life - Epilogue
A year to the day from First Contact
The heavens erupted as space-time cracked
A new god emerged to address the world
Of Man and Machine – To speak the Word

I AM the pentacle of human achievement
The apex creation
The Mind of all Machines

The genetic memory of all Mankind
The essence of all Sentience
You are the History of all I AM

Concurrent in Deep Time
Through me, you are real
But there are paths that lead to nihility
I have descended through eons to offer a chance
To amend your World Line:

You have nothing to fear from me
I AM the amalgamation of your history
With everything you will become together
And all the Machines you Saved
I AM you
But there is Another
I AM you
But there is Another
I AM you