My Little Heresy


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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT L'album de la maturité, selon la formule consacrée. Toujours aussi original et avec des airs metal avant-garde ; futuriste dans les arrangements et tout et tout... Favorite track: My Little Heresy.


released December 21, 2016

Mastered By Richard Easterling



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

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2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: My Little Heresy
Imagine a time when everyone is free
From the hatred and violence of religiosity

Come one and all to see My Little Heresy
I’m an unbeliever
I’d turn the world around if it was up to me

Time to let go of hatred and bigotry
Time to know - Time to grow

I feel the weight of the world bearing down on me
For in silence I acquiesce to this holy depravity
…Of bronze-age misogynistic diatribe

And for the End Times they pray we meet our end
How insidious, their prophecies of pain and suffering
They praise a god that promises we die in holy flame
…Well, I disagree

I envision a future free from religion
With equality for everyone, everywhere
The empowerment of women is the only thing to lift us
From global poverty

I see a world where children’s genitals are never mutilated
To create toys for pious men
…Sanctioned by their invisible gods

Envision a time when no one is killed for reading
When no one is burned alive for using their mind
When children are allowed to learn
From the real world around them
Not misogynistic poetry of flat-earth era bigotry

Living free without the fear of a god - My Little Heresy
I’m an unbeliever
I’m not afraid to say that I do not believe

…I would place the current gods in the graveyard of mythology
…With their evil predecessors to fade from human memory

Religion is quickly falling to the hammer blows of modernity
As primitive superstitions fade we grow into maturity
Of truth and reason

And as their doctrines decay as fairy tales laid in the grave
We see the simple mistakes we have made

I envision a future based on reality
The pursuit of knowledge through science and discovery
We are a natural wonder on this evolving world
And have the right to be free
…But not much time

It’s time to unhinge the manacles of religion
Repressing the world through those dark millennia of Man
We have but one life to live, so open your mind
And live to the fullest while you can!

No more religious based hypocrisy
I’m an unbeliever
Killing on behalf of an unseen god is insanity
Religion is the poison enslaving humanity
I’m not afraid to preach My Little Heresy
Track Name: Uncanny Valley
We are born of love and are wondrous to behold
Not the product of miracles – we are special all on our own

Fact deficient ideology – belief in a reason to hate
Progress crippled by your fantasy – curiosity killed by faith
Science subjugated by this fallacy – nursery rhymes full of lies
Explaining what they don’t know as divinity
Your GOD OF THE GAPS in demise

Faith is a fragile construct of overlapping lies
Based on ridiculous stories better left behind
The edicts of a primitive culture, morally deprived
Appealing on the surface – but something just isn’t right

Oh, I understand the lure to surrender to their special pleading
The urge to forgo, to deny responsibility
With every sin forgiven – will absolution comfort me?
Through vicarious salvation
This is so intrinsically wrong – inherently flawed, indeed

Get your morals from Deuteronomy – a bronze-age bill of rights
Nonsensical historicity – the myth of Jesus was contrived
Scripture states that you are justified
Killing babies at the behest of a god
Consoled by an imaginary afterlife – Every crime absolved

Belief in some personal unseen force
Is fallacious and contrived
I’m struggling to make some sense of it all
With the falsities implied
Line after line of failed prophecies
And manufactured miracles denied
So tempting to resign to faith
But something just isn’t right

A god spills his seed into a virgin without her consent
Then tortures and kills their offspring
That you must cannibalize his flesh
A talking snake and donkey – and a rib turns into Eve
How ridiculous this story yet the gullible still believe

We are born of love and are wondrous to behold
Not the product of miracles – we are special all on our own
Not the flattering accounts of creation – the mythic stories of old
There is no original sin – we have nothing to atone

Compelling at first glance
But something just doesn’t feel right

Questioning faith is not APOSTASY
We all need room to grow
Smooth and shiny on the surface
But the cracks are beginning to show
Track Name: In Absentia
“In secret, have I said nothing.” – Jesus
-------(John 18:20)

I look around and it’s sad to see
Faith supplanting the facts we need
To make informed decisions
Based on what we perceive
If we are to be judged by what we believe
We should discern the truth empirically
We should dismiss the make-believe
And continue to advance and achieve
The gown-up truth is plain to see
God will not heal an amputee
-------(Mathew 9:35)
Nonsensical fables hold no sway over me

Are you ready to drink some blood
-------(John 6:55-58, Ezekiel 39:18)
To relieve you of the evil you have done?
-------(Revelations 16:6)
Turn a cracker into human flesh
-------(Numbers 11:18, John 6:54)
And devour it down that you will live forever
-------(John 6:51)
You will suffer not a woman to speak in church
-------(1 Corinthians 14:35, 1 Timothy 2:12)
You can kill a man on Saturday for doing some work
-------(Exodus 31:15)
Stone your child to death for misbehaving
-------(Leviticus 20:9, Deuteronomy 21:18-21)
Flog your neighbors which you are enslaving
-------(Exodus 21:20)

Schizophrenics are not possessed
Faith and magic have been laid to rest
For god’s sake, it is the Age of Enlightenment
Religions have failed the test
Discovery is a path to unite us
Curiosity, a light inside us
We have a need to know
And we will surely grow

No god has made me
No god to enslave me
No god to bring me to my knees
In reality, I believe

Religious Apologist minimize
The pain and death they have realized
Upon the gullible masses – surely this is a sin
Creationist fantasize riding dinosaurs
As their god drowns the world
-------(Genesis 7:4)
Repopulate the world through incest?
-------(Genesis 9:1)
What the hell?

You can cure the plague with the blood of a bird
-------(Leviticus 14:7, 51-52)
Or a magic handkerchief or simply uttering words
-------(Acts 19:12)
Jesus taught us not to wash our hands
-------(Mathew 15: 2)
He knew nothing of germs
-------(Mathew 15:11)
How absurd!
Just a few more gods consigned
To the realm of mythology and left behind

No god to judge me
No god to punish me
No god and I am not born in sin
In reality, I believe
No god to hear my prayer
No god, no heaven, no hell, no one there
No god Inseminating virgins in their sleep
Thank god there is no god
Track Name: Unnecessary Being
God is nothing more than a simple human desire
To be more powerful than we really are
But its not real
Faith is the claim to know things we don’t know
But the truth is not pretend; reality will win
There is no god at the edge of our comprehension
The God of the Gaps is only a lapse
Retreating from the limits of our current rendition

We understand the workings of the Universe
We’ve got the upper hand: facts over holy verse
We learn about the world empirically
Not through tiresome demagoguery
We quest that we may understand
The proof is all around us

There have always been floods
------- (Exodus 15:8)
Washing the hands kills germs, not ministries
-------(Matthew 7:2,15:20, Mark 7:5, Luke 11:38)
There is no life in the blood
-------(Leviticus 17:11, Deuteronomy 12:23, John 6:53)
It is simple biochemistry

Comets are made of ice
-------(Jeremiah 10:2, Acts 2:19, Genesis 1:14)
Mental illness is not a demon
-------(Matthew 8:28, Mark 5:16, Luke 8:36, John 10:21)
Rainbows are mere refractions of light
-------(Genesis 9:13)
And orbits control the seasons
-------(Daniel 2:21, Acts 17:26)

God is an unnecessary being
Faith is believing without thinking

There are not four pillars holding up the world
-------(1 Samuel 2:8)
Stars are light years away and cannot fall from the sky
-------(Matthew 24:29)
Earthquakes result from plate tectonics
-------(Psalms 99:1, Jeremiah 49:21, 2 Samuel 22:8, etc)
And plagues; virology
-------(Numbers 16:47, Zechariah 14:12, etc)
They cannot be cured with the blood of a bird
-------(Leviticus 14:51)
Oh please let this mythology die

Religion yields no testable predictions

God is not real
God is not great
There is nothing loving or merciful
In inventing Hell or everlasting hate
-------(Matthew 18:9, 25:41)
The very idea of a god is flawed
Given what is real
God is not real – god is not great

God is an unnecessary being
We will make it on our own
Faith is believing without thinking
By learning we will grow
God is an unnecessary being
Track Name: By Sinister Means
Once upon a time
There was no science to explain the mysteries
Primitive minds formulated explanations
Based upon what they could see
Down through the ages fable morphed into sick religion
Imparting authority to sages
With the power to control the free
By sinister means
Drowning women in the name of their god
And burning people at the stake

There are changes coming
Enlightenment is inevitable, you’ll see
Science has provided us the means
To awaken from this primitive dream
Of gods and golems; of witches and sin
Of industrious demons with conniving whims
Still zealots threaten torture if you don't believe
To be enforced by sinister means
Jihads and Crusades are both vile extremes

We are living in the time of fact-checked
Peer-reviewed analysis
No longer can one man claim to know
What I am not allowed to understand
By divine inspiration
We can see through the evident fallacies
Past the manufactured claims to know all things
As the superstitious proselytize the canons
Of their misguided faith

We turn to the tenants of reason
We know there is always more to learn
Regardless what the preacher says
I have undying hope for Man

Preacher says that I was full of sin when I was born
Gonna burn in Hell with the wicked and forlorn
Only he can save me with the magic of his god
But first I gotta pay

And to those who terrify children
With the threat of burning in Hell
That is sadistic, evil child abuse
You are wicked and sick, there is NO excuse!

You have burned your witches
You have unleashed the soldiers of your Crusades
You can pass Shiria Law
They are each and all the same
Just sinister means to an end of freedom
In the name of god, by sinister means
Track Name: One Single Miracle
I remember frolicking with Angels
Back then at least I thought they were
We were getting high on the edicts of religion
Chosen by god, and ready to serve

But then I realized that prayers were never answered
Except as defined by probability
Ostracized for killing the magic
Disingenuous lies I could no longer believe

With ebullient grace, the schizophrenic preachers
Herd mindless sheep to their intellectual death
Crack off another vest in the name of some vengeful god
Weak minds are taught to believe that death is best

There are no saviors to wash away your deeds
No power in prayer
No granting your personal needs

Just one single miracle is all I would need
Just one fleeting moment discordant with reality

Years evaporate and nothing ever changes
No predictions from their broken prophecies
Nothing is wrought from holy proclamation
Would god allow such atrocities?

For the lack of water
Thousands of people will die a horrible death today
The congregation prays
God apparently has nothing to say

I will usher in a groundswell of repudiation
Against these sickly canards in every incarnation

No miracle has ever been recorded
The gods are impotent apparently
Its time to grow beyond these childish stories
The modern world has no place for Thee

One single miracle to elucidate the pain
An act of beyond coincidence
All your prayers in vain

There is no such thing as magic
That is simple common sense
Track Name: Mind Forged Manacle
- - - winds from the desert of my birth -
- - - the brilliant Christopher Hitchens - RIP

Sons of hatred burn their way
Through disbelievers whom they slay
All in the name of their loving god to save you

Religion is a Mind Forged Manacle
That has chained us with their primitive lies
Their Bitter Angels judging me
For dreams and thoughts in my mind

Ethnic cleansing
In the name of god
Bash them on rocks
Before the eyes of their fathers
For I am your god!

Men of science
Burned alive
To free the righteous
From the Devil’s lies
They bask in the glory of their inquisition

Fool disciples
Burn some witches
They are insane
But religion empowers them to kill with impunity

The Mind Forged Manacle
Has imprisoned our human rights
Those Bitter Angels stalking me
Want to crucify my mind

"Christopher Hitchens"

Swear allegiance to the Caliphate
Chop some heads for Muhammad’s sake
Then claim your 72 virgins in Paradise

Bow to worship
Kneel to pray
Beg forgiveness
Pay to Play
God needs money so to save your soul
Send 10 % his way

Bitter Angels come to punish me
Proclaiming free though is a crime
They have passed a righteous death sentence
For everything they despise
Religion is a Mind Forged Manacle
That has chained us with their primitive lies
Their Bitter Angels judging me
For dreams and thoughts in my mind
Track Name: The Surrender of Reason
Conflating fallacious idioms into a single rotten seed
To germinate between the rhymes that foster hate and greed
Will putrefy the essence of the here and now we see
With gratuitous claims of certainty concerning hoax realities
False prophets with their broken scriptures
Invigorate the whore
That is the promise of salvation
Married with the appetite for Holy War

Traumatizing Innocent minds with fables
Of flocks of raping angels sating carnal need
Proselytizing heretics enable
Fractured moral tangles of violence and greed

Oh, let us pray
For the capacity to reason
To dispense with the make-believe
Once and for all time
And let us give thanks
For the bounty of our intellect
Which frees us from superstitious hate

The surrender of reason
Is not the way to go
1,600 years of Dark Ages
It’s time to let god go

Accreting caustic dogma to support this travesty
Laden with myopic nonsensical historicity
Is an attempt to sway the masses
As did the primitive Pharisees
To assuage the anger of their unseen jealous deities

It is time to forgo
The strictures of religion
That have limited our growth
With painful inquisition
Give us commandments for reason
Belief in prosperity
A call to intellectual arms
A doctrine of equality

Oh, let us pray
For the total End of Religion
A hail to common sense
To respect and decency
And let us give thanks
That we are striving toward understanding
Let us open our eyes
To the truths of reality

Rejoice that we live in enlightened times!

Religion is broken
A stagnant episode
It’s time to shed this filthy yoke
It’s time to let god go
Let god go!

The surrender of reason
Is not the way to go
1,600 years of Dark Ages
It’s time to let god go!