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Scumbag One look at the cover and you may expect something akin to The Alan Parsons Project to be contained within, but while this may have elements of progressive rock and be presented as a concept album it sounds so much more like '80s or '90s goth rock. And that's a really good thing! 15 or 20 years ago this could have fit right in on the Cleopatra record label (anyone else remember them?) and I'd have been a fan of the album then as I am now! Favorite track: Recording Angels.


First of all, special thanks to Giorgio Tsoukalos (Ancient Aliens) for his brilliance and inspiration.

This entire album (PoC) was the spontaneous result of idle hands. Usually, I jammed out a guitar riff and then laid some keys atop while keeping an open Word Doc on another laptop. Lyrics streamed through my head as I was recording the music and by the time I tracked the tune, the words were complete and I immediately improvised each vocal line, unrehearsed, unpracticed, and usually in one take. It was hard to keep up with the new ideas forming even as I was completing the current work. As you can tell, I am intensely intrigued by ancient mysteries, religions, histories, sociology, and science. I pray you each find something comforting and disturbing in this work and hope I lead you to warm contemplation.
Oh, the transmissions on 6EQUJ5 are actual declassified and unedited recordings from NASA and US military transmissions. The mid-section voices are from “Ancient Aliens”, the most awesome show on TV. To quote my favorite Vulcan, “Fascinating!”


released December 21, 2011

Special thanks to Malachi Francis for his genius inspiration and unrelenting technical assistance. The soft female vocals on PANOPLY were performed impromptu and unsuspectingly by the wonderful Sona Gevorgyan whom I secretly recorded as she gave first listen. A super special thanks to Mycki ( for her awesome photo work in the tunnel (the one with the guitar!). And of course, grand accolades again to the incomparable Huston Barger (Richmond KY), soundman extraordinaire, for mastering the album and for his everlasting friendship.



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Ostinati

Tens of years have passed in languid silence as I brooded on the sense of loss at no longer creating. Then troubled by the stirring works of a young genius, I was shown the tools to rend these continuous mental motifs into physical form and so began this recording effort. Each of these nine works was spontaneous with no scripting or revision. The vocals, unrehearsed and impulsive, were set down in one take without practice or refinement as I fervently needed to progress through the next layer of melodies which haunted my mind in covetous succession. I had this idea, a simple concept that I might still have within me the gift of music. This is the culmination of that dream, the proof of my concept. Thank you, Malachi – ملاك
Track Name: Recording Angels

I creep through the open window
I need the silence
To maintain my shattered point of view
They do not seem to feel me

In their wicked limbo
So soft and violent
Commensurate platitudes of clemency
I see it all!

Exposed and infiltrated
I peer through a crack in the wall
They never dreamt a mortal being
Could feed among them
The calculus of heaven
Forbids the eyes of men to behold
But I see it clearly
I watch the GRIGORI

I’m witness to forgotten schemes
I feel their touch upon my skin
The musings of created minds
Such perfect sin

Flowing free among them
They do not seem to know me
Cherubic infiltration, I am a mote in God’s eye
I have descended through an age of time yet to come
And witnessed things t’were never meant to be

Shifting my point of view
Through scathing angles
With brazen temerity
I’ve been recording angels
Thy will be done

Courting holy denizens
Glowing garments fall away
Exposed, consumed, and intermingled
I cannot look away!

A final conflagration of calculating Numbers
I watch the Watchers as they sleep
And dream beatific dreams
A fault between the Powers has opened in me
Something I should have never gleaned
From gnostic fabrications

Infatuated by the lure of
Sensual fables
With virginal clarity
I’ve been recording angels

Shifting my point of view
Through scathing angles
With brazen temerity
I’ve been recording angels

In the back of my mind a loathing silence
A fabled union that we’ve been denied
I remember a time when they walked among us
We were cherished by their kind
But now they’ve flown away
We were left behind with these shattered relics
Counting years away

Shifting starlight reflecting in the shepherd’s eye
Cloudless thunder drives the flocks away
They must be angels come to dance with me
To judge my nature
A midnight sun descending from the sky
Feeling terrified and joyous by this visitation
They take me and the world falls away

Silent tombs left behind to remind us of the day
They left us here on our own and pointing to The Way
Stones to time the heavens circling beyond our reach
Predicting cataclysmic ends again and again
We were left behind with these shattered relics
Counting years away

Digging up the past we find we never knew ourselves
Too much history swept away and canonized
Structures left behind we cannot even build today
Could old gods in stone be science in disguise?

“It appeared to Enoch that he was wafted into heaven upon
clouds, and was set down before the throne of God.”

Falling off the world I crept into darkness
And thereafter dreamed of the ones left below

"Enoch, thou scribe of justice, go unto the Watchers of the heavens…”

In the evening the stars came down
Wheels within wheels in a silent procession
The whole world moved from her place
And bowed before them
We fell to our knees and began to pray.
“And whereas the king saw a Watcher,
a holy one coming down from heaven.”

Fifteen hours ago I was toiling in the fields below me
Fifteen days now and sleep still eludes me
Fifteen years denied
My loved ones growing old without me
Fifteen centuries; God’s witness am I

Everything we did, we did it for love
If that’s true, where does that leave us?
Everything we know was dispensed from above
If that’s true, what does that teach us?

Everywhere we look, we see another side
To many promises teasing our senses
Read another book and you’ll feel it inside
Too many fallacies. We’ll take our chances

Everything we did to make this world our home
Led to chaos, too many pay-offs
Everything we’ve learned shows that we are not alone
If that’s true, who is going to save us?

Nothing in our lives has prepared us for this
We are so close to failing
Nothing quite so kind as a burning Judas kiss
We are content in trailing far behind

Every golden idol fallen
Faith to be re-learned
Every contradiction stolen
Science in the urn
Burn the things we dare not try to understand
And they will be faithful

Running out of time we dive and forage
In the dark abyss
We are searching for anything to light the way
All we find is burning embers, ash, and decay

Every time we cried to the heavens – to the past
Weary silence – nothing to inspire us
Everywhere we look we see infinity
The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves

Every time we tried to touch the other side
Nothing there. Only condemnation
Every time we strive toward immortality
We are unworthy. We are unclean

In the furthest corners of creation they hover
We are but an imitation
When there is nothing but God for us to discover
Knowledge accumulation is at its end
Ignorance is not bliss

Every golden idol fallen
Faith to be re-learned
Every contradiction stolen
Science in the urn
Burn the things we dare not try to understand
And they will be faithful

In a dimming light – a moment of calm release
You formed before my eyes to usher in the end
A single question – one thing to explain
And then departed and nothing was the same

We were two, but as one, united
Bathed in truth and summarily invited
To share in each other as all the world subsided
Each the other’s better half forever undivided
But even this will wear away

I will do WHATEVER I CAN with you
AS BEST AS I CAN for you
I’ll hold on AS LONG AS I CAN to you

We lived the promise to keep the world inside us
Grand fables loosed and nothing was denied us
The passing moments gone; all memories behind us
Reproach a separate end as even death would bind us

First alone as the cold world fell away from me
A soul bemoaned in my solitary misery
A broken promise; you fled this world before me
In full devotion; I pray thee wait for me
But even this will wear away

TAKE MY HAND and fear not the end
LET GO IF YOU CAN, I’m here with you
Let go - - - - - - -

Presentiment response to noetic nuances
A temporal awakening calling me to remember
With advanced wave solutions, nothing is beyond us
We are stalking the future of non-locality
And I just need more time
We are harvesting a savior in denial

All motion slowing – life ebbing quietly away
You promised not to, but you left without me anyway
You turned unto me and departed another way
The ending we planned unfolding. I’m on my way

And now, as one alone, this body soon discarded
Alas, I’ve reached the end. I barely even started
I reach beyond this place. Will you be there?
I’m coming home to you
But even this will wear away

I will do WHATEVER I CAN with you
AS BEST AS I CAN for you
I’ll hold on AS LONG AS I CAN to you

You were the only one that brought me to my knees
I just need more time…
I just need more time…
Track Name: REST STATE

Teetering on the edge
Then and there, I understood the end was a black lie
Anticipating every breath to be among the last
A template for everything proscribed

I cannot remember time before my birth
Not even blackness, no silence, no worth

I feel the coming ages
Streaking towards infinity
An absolute lack of sensation
The rest state of nihility

Can anything exist without perception
When nothing has its own reflection?

A flash - an after-image - a soothing requiem
Leagues of caring angels chanting seraphic hymns
Or simply hovering above a dark abyss
I fear nothing waiting quite as real as this

I am on my own. The facts agree
Absolute absence is all I see

I’m trying to comprehend an end
Devoid of all perception
Although I was not, I cannot remember when
I realized my own inception

Light at the end of a tunnel?
Brimstone and fire and hungry naked beings?
I wonder…

Even time will fade away
Space expands in an accelerated dance
All matter gives way
Creation evaporates in photon decay

I try to imagine
A universe without me to feel
I try to remember
Myself before creation: Unreal

Without me, the world will keep spinning on
Three generations of portraits and I’m gone
Nothing but nothing in Deep Time

Life has a way of changing perspective over time
Nothing is quite ever the same
Constantly rearranging memories ordered and I
Am constantly reminded I am sane
Waiving the counsel of the only friends I have ever had
Everyone is willing to blame
Feeling the wave around me
Hold my breath as if it were my last
I slowly embrace the pain
And drift away in dismay

The distance between lightning and thunder
Is measured in relative ways
Nothing is ever quite what it seems
Wantonly interchanging theories of disorder and I
Am haunted by the complexities
Probability waves surround me
Cold as death I re-live the past
Reborn to strive again
And drift away

Could this be the day we were striving toward
A bitter resolution indeed
Not our failure to thrive
Could this be the end we were hoping for
Face to face with our deeds
The seedy ones denied
I fancied stories of life never ending
And grown-ups privately pretending to believe
Our future was always to question not to
Manufacture Heaven inside our dreams

We are cowering to vague understanding
To the current ideology
We are perched on a precarious landing
Overlooking a turbulent sea
And the tide is rising

Invigorated, we embrace the taming
Of expectations denied
Sleeping prophets say the times are changing
With cataclysmic lullabies
Lay the whole world down to sleep

We are installing the engines of avarice
Sanctified by our greed,
We proclaim to know all the answers to everything
Claiming what we need in disdain
We find we are searching for anything
Deprived of everything save need,
We agree to harvest the wealth of existence
In the name of what we believe

Track Name: 6EQUJ5

Ad Portas
Something alive in the distant sky
Reaching down to me
From the deepest expanse a signal cries
On the Hydrogen Line

Exuberantly we derive the inscrutable
Equivocally we acquiesce to the logical
Excitedly we catalog the impossible
Gradually we integrate the tangible

Alas we are forced to reconcile
With fables cut in stone
Science relearns forgotten edicts
We are not alone

We are in the presence of something far beyond us
Revise an ancient lesson – feel the change

We’ve forgotten more than we believe
In twelve thousand years
Edit history – Do not retrieve
Ecclesiastic fears

Every culture believes in visitation
So does archeology
Megaliths inscribed with synthetic creation
Foundations of the Promised Land

If envoys from Heaven converse in mathematics
Then science and religion are plays of old semantics

The scariest finding is not the signal’s
But the ominous local cosmic silence
The muting of the stars

The trappings of science stoke the primitive imagination
But the scrutiny of Giants could herald our devastation

Apocryphal texts full of hoary gods
Falling from the sky
Do not conform to the encouraged belief system
And neither will I
Not under silent skies

Our transgression will be to disbelieve undeniable signs
By sympathetic decree we initiate the final paradigm
אחרית הימים

Fatefully we deny the ways
Our world could change this very day

A single rock from Heaven falls
To devastate the order of all things evolved
Extinction is just a stone’s throw away
Reshape the word in a million different ways
All this has happened before
And all of this will happen again
It’s not a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN”

In an instant cold potential can melt away
Gone in a pleading heartbeat, our future staved
Chances are it will not stay this way
We should cherish the moment and live well this day

Death-light shines from the deepest realm
Patient as linear time with death at the helm
A microwave burster from alien skies
In a flash all life is sterilized
Or a simple super nova just light years away
Could bake our precious atmosphere clean away

The brevity of life has a sullen bouquet
The fragrance of entropy grows stale with decay
The feasts of the ages are forgotten in time
Ravenous yearnings, they sour as old wine

A cleansing flash - a coronal mass ejection
Eight minutes away with no chance of early detection
A surge to destroy all technology
Irradiate us back into a stone-age ecology
Or something as simple as the warming seas
To suffocate the whole world’s biology

Gracefully we turn away in denial of the end
Forestalled by nothing save hope
And a thin chance to be

“I have been dreaming all of my life and this was
certainly something markedly different. It was more than real.
It was everything…”

A callous soliloquy - Lust to irritation
Banish forgiveness - Sans provocation
A lifetime to quantify - Personality
Noetic formulae - Cannot describe me
I share in your exquisite - And peculiar velocity
A final kind of tunneling - Apposite incivility
Rehearse for an afterlife - Abstinence in vain
One truth through the ages - We are all the same

Let go and feel your way in this pale synchrony
Concomitant theologies lend possibility
And still I don’t believe

Silently I move away - And leave this all behind
Agnostic fantasies - Are perpetual and kind
Ludicrous as astrology -
The weak embrace the make-believe
And fail to grasp the salient facts - As simple as they be
Golems and gremlins - Banshees and wraiths
This artificial netherworld - Will just have to wait
The mind’s eye looks away - To view the coming end
What a fascinating reverence -
For the things we pretend

I feel the coming ages with apprehensive glee
And realize my destiny lies not so far from thee
And still I cannot see

“They inhabit levels we dare not imagine;
places cold to the Soul of Man.”
[Olly olly oxen free…]

Star light star bright
The Fallen Stars I saw tonight
Blazing forth across the sky
A third of Heaven cast aside
I wish I may I wish I might
Understand this wondrous sight
The remnants of Heaven’s fight
Grant this wish I wish tonight
Open my eyes that I may see all things

Spurious realms falter - In tandem to these
I seek a finer way - To spite my disbelief

Grant me eternal silence where every answer lies
The gen of creation in heavenly disguise
I sense the essence of a vastness yet to come
Everything revealed, all mystery undone
Thy kingdom come

“I will make one more cut, but I will cut so deep.”