(Dedicated to the late, brilliant, and most rational thinker of our time, Christopher Hitchens)


released July 3, 2015

Special thanks to Adam McLean, Jordon Miller, David McLean, and Aaron Francis for throwing down on yet another album with me. Also, thanks to Christopher Hitchens, Neil DeGrass Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and DiestPaladin for their wisdom and inspiration in these irrational times. Mastered by Richard Easterling of as always... thanks, man! Huston and Tony would both approve!



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

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2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: God of the Gaps
(Commentary by Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Once upon a simple time we wondered
At the prolific evidence for the Divine
In famines and earthquakes and thunder
And anomalies left undefined
But as the limits of our ignorance diminish
The spaces allotted your god shrink with time

What used to constitute an absolute
Is now a matter for debate
Theologians promulgate with attitude
Supplanting the statutes of fact with fate

Questioning faith gives us latitude
To explore the more rational possibilities
I seek the facts not your platitudes
Truth is an eventuality

God used to eat the sun
By Newtonian mechanics, He is undone
The cause of all sickness was evil spirits
Over demons virology has won

What the clergy lack in modern aptitude
Is compounded by a baseless theocracy
When confronted by conflicting vicissitudes
They decry contradictions are the will of god

We used to know everything
But the more we learn the less we know
Comprehension is not a sin
As we increase our understanding
We encapsulate god within

What used to be the god of everything
Is now just the god of the gaps

No Sky Dome no Flat Earth no Flood
No million species on a boat
Plagues and disease are biology
Not the work of the god of the gaps

Comets are not the harbingers of death
Not sent by the god of the gaps
What used to be the god of everything
Is now just the god of the gaps
Track Name: The Illusion of Design
(commentary by SKEPTIC BIBLE STUDY and Richard Dawkins)

We gaze into the heavens and ponder majesty
Illustrious complexity apparently decreed
Fact-deficient ministries attempting to explain
Faith based creation as they hold me in disdain

Time to see beyond this simple
Illusion of design
To realize complexity exists without Devine intervention
The Blind Watchmaker tries all possibilities in time

Darwinistic mechanisms churning out the form
Of animated chemicals according to the laws
Of physics and chemistry slowly to evolve
Into everything around us without the need for gods

Replicators multiplying unto their own kind
A natural progression mutates matter into mind
We can marvel at these wonders, explained scientifically
While the primitive and ignorant invoke a deity

The missing link is education; and the evidence, of course
A million facts substantiate evolution as the force
Of creation
Time to forego mythology

Finally we understand
The Illusion of Design
Common sense dismantles the ridiculous in time as we evolve
Track Name: Beedoon [better off without it]

Without science; without law
Living by faith alone
We will fall

Without reason; without love
We are doomed to failure
For there is no god above

There is a causal connection
Between ignorance and your faith
Believing in what we know can never be
By this book you are saved?

If science be the Devil
In the tradition of so many lost gods
Who will cast the first query
And be convicted of a thought crime?

Without mercy; without shame
Without a god in tow
You alone are to blame

Without conscience and in Thy name
Jihads and Crusades
Deal death just the same

We tolerated your traditions
The evangelistic haze
We survived the enforcement of your superstitions
Of promulgated hate

Your Bible demands that you stone me to death
Are you really that devout?
You can take it as an act of apostasy
That I revel in the doubt

I light this candle of Reason
Against the darkness of superstition
To rail against the sin of ignorance
Infecting our traditions

We have only just begun to learn!

Without religion; without faith
But by the light of truth and reason
We shall be saved

Better off without it
This faith in fantasy
Imaginary deities

Better off without it
Bronze Age morality
Zealots with their bombs

Better off without it
Vile, sexist rhetoric
Vengeful jealous gods

Better off without it
Texts promoting slavery
Commandments to kill

Better off without it
Flat Earth philosophy
And wishful dreams of apocalypse
Track Name: Awakening
In these ancient fictions, I can no longer believe

No memories of a past life
No indications of sorrow or mirth
I posit nothing before my birth
And so I love this life with a fervent passion

Infinity scrolled out before me
In natural perfection
No need of religion’s ambiguity
Time to forgo these depraved superstitions

Time for us to realize
We are wonderful
Despite the lies
We have no need for deception
Or fairy-tales or truth belied

No more killing over fables

I need no fear of punishment
To instill a sense of morals
No threat of burning Hell to live well
I don’t believe in your gods
And I don’t need you to save me

I choose nature’s symmetry over gruesome canonized poetry

Science has dispelled the make-believe
And bestowed a grander mystery
Disciples explain it away with their illusory Bronze Age deities
But any intelligent person can see
The natural world is enough for me
Time to shed these fantasies
And so I usher in this awakening

Thank God for rational minds
In these ancient fictions, I can no longer believe
Just open your eyes and see
We have but one chance to live, so live well
Track Name: Christinsanity
(Commentary by the late Christopher Hitchens, RIP ha ha ha)

And in the aftermath we shared the poisoned spoils
Like brothers in arms
Pillaging through the intellectual dregs
We compiled the reasons to do no further harm

But alas we are bound by what we currently know
And the conquests of Reason displace the fears below
The waterline of understanding, even as we grow
We are not the first to contemplate the end
We can never know everything
On this we can all agree

Christ has fostered ages of forced banality
Enlightenment snuffed out by church sanctioned brutality
Religion is anathema to everything we are
And a hindrance to all we can achieve
When the Ten Commandments promote insidious slavery
What further proof do you need?
A morally bankrupt theology
This Christiansanity

And in the final days we realized how much we had lost
To wasted time, killing over fairy-tales, justified by unseen gods

Postulates to reconstruct mythology and lore
To accommodate new discoveries
Insights proscribed by their incipient theology
Forbidding technology
To explain the Universe around us
And everything that doesn't fit their faulty history
We will never know everything
On this we can all agree

I do not believe in vicarious redemption
In murdering another man for my sins
Bronze Age dogma begets righteous indignation
We can no longer pretend

And at the End of Days we realized how much it had cost
By manufacturing jealous gods

If you choose to believe the impossible
Your faith is clearly not for me
There are no miracles in what you have seen
Only new science yet to glean

And now once again we arrive at this awkward place
Face to face with a lie
Change is occurring at a dubious pace
And only the Truth will survive
We are on the cusp of and logical and intelligent decree
Our most rational epiphany:
There never was a god and we were always free

We can no longer tolerate the incivility
To kill in the name of mythology

We will never know everything
On this we all can agree
Track Name: Savage Numbers
Hobgoblins scribbling down the form of their preferred afterlife
With a promise to burn for voicing contention
As seven billion minds try to reach an aggregate faith
We frolic on the edge of oblivion
The flock disintegrates into a carnal cabal
Present tense convictions ablating epiphanies,
Polarizing attitudes prevail
(and the rest can go to hell)
“The fire and the flames will burn both wet and dry together” – Muslim proverb
May the Buddha smile upon our folly today

God sees fit to allow 30,000 children to starve to death every day
The protocol of loss is a sophisticated kind of treachery
Laced with random acts of kindness, a deceptive ministry, indeed
“Judge us by our charity, not the millions that we bleed”

Cunning acquisition of the moral high ground then regression into consensual idiocy
Disparity nested in ambiguity
We are each accountable for our own delusions and episodic faith
Forgive and forget assumptions of propriety

So billions are damned to everlasting flames?
Condemned by being born into the wrong theocracy
The sickest of fantasies! Praying for another’s misery

I find no solace in your decrepit prophecies
Your fables hold no sway over me
“I am terrified by the eternal silence of those infinite spaces.” – Pascal

And in summation you will find as equations align
The absolute value of faith was a negative

Charlatans of hope breathing meaning into a drowning mind
Gasping for truth
Managing god in absentia
My moral entrails spilled by the scathing acceptance of promises
That would wither a lesser deity than you
Two billion vote for this god
A billion favor that fraud,
With mutually exclusive salvation

Still everyone is mystified by these unholy savage numbers
Yet the significance of ONE remains

The progeny of priests are these everlasting savage numbers
The sacrifice of millions for nothing
Once upon a time-like loop, love was providential
There was no god to deny us our potential

History cannot erase these savage numbers
Oh, let us pray to resurrect our sanity