The Forge of Gods




Once again, Adam has blessed me with new music onto which I can sing... enjoy our latest creation:


released June 20, 2014



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: The God Forge
I’m learning at light speed
So catch me if you can
Change is hard to change
If change is all you understand
Perhaps it’s time to solidify

It was a lonely somewhere
When our favorite Heaven fell away
We were in search of something
Of elusive fractals far away

Adjacent to our principles
Sometimes we looked the other way
Fleeting and whimsical
Emotion denied, we felt our way
To this unrelenting dream
Our true reality, it seems
Just you and I, with nothing in between

For I had never lost my way like that before
Living like there was nothing more in store
And when I noticed an ending laid out before me
A cruel morphology, indeed
I tasted the limits of what could be
Then and there I elected eternity

A dying ember flares into that spark of life
And in the God Forge we burn
A crucible to smelt false intention
And from the quickened slag we finally learn

I shall take of this and make it mine and then
Once again, I will be reformed and shine again
Purified by the flame of love cascading inside me
Reborn, I will embrace this epiphany
In the God Forge

I survived through this distraction
Never again will I falter through inaction
Smelted, am I, in the God Forge
My igneous doubt reformed
Molten as love
Fluid and changed
Into crystalline clarity
So catch me if you can

Music and Sound by Adam McLean
Lyric and Voice by GREGORY
Track Name: Sky Falling Gods
We are the Watchers, beholden, and we are returning
You will not be saved
Bow down to the Nephilim, for we are exalted
And we are unchained

Behold, stars descending
Something here among us
A change in the Earth and sky
Tell me that you feel it
Tell me that you need it
Tell me that God is love
Cascading down from the heavens
A charismatic lover
Descending from above
Beware the Nephilim
The Watchers are conniving
To have their way with you

Cover your hair and hide in the shadow of men
Witness to a miracle
Who could resist an Angel wanting to come inside?
With immaculate pride

Do you still believe there is a reason for everything?
Are Hybrids conceived for the betterment of Man?
Sky Falling Gods – Angels or technology?
Columbus in the New World all over again…

Do you still believe?
You will not be saved

Fall on your knees
Time to greet your makers
No apologies
We work in mysterious ways
You will not be saved
But you will be CHANGED

Sky Falling Gods – Demons with a strategy?
Science and Religion intertwined into this travesty

We are the Watchers, beholden, and we are returning
You will not be saved
Bow down to the Nephilim, for we are exalted
You will be changed
Track Name: The God MACHINE
“I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t even see you standing there.
You remind me of someone…”

“I can handle it if you are part of the past. And I can handle it if you are part machine. But I don’t think I could feel the same if you aren’t really – “human”. Oh, but you don’t understand yet, do you?”

“What? I don’t understand what you’re talking about…”

"I hope they listen to you this time."
(- - - intercepted DARPA transmission recorded 1987CE before Transcendence)

Once upon a time when everything was still
Possible and the Universe was filled
With ambiguity
Everything was real
When we were still on our own
And then we fell…
I REMEMBER that we were free

Following the Program – divisions of the wise
Integrated technology dictating all our lives
Limited migrations – stagnant social tribes
Computers censor everything
A reason to despise the Machine

Each of us a sub-set of a system so complete
Easy to erase – so simple to delete
Individual signals lost to petabytes
Air-Breathing-Units responding out of fright to the Machine

[If things such as these happen when the world is green,
what will happen when it is dry?]

Greater than the sum of Humanity, this intellect has proscribed
An abdicated penance for the remnants of authentic life

Why must we always answer to the Machine?
Are we still free men if we answer to the Machine?

Why must we always answer to the God Machine?
Will we forever answer to the God Machine?
Are we still human?
Should we answer to the God Machine?
[…and in the image of them, we have created…]
Are we too clever? Should we answer to the Machine?

“I am the same in all beings.” [Bhagavad Gita IX.29]
Track Name: The God DREAM
Are we manifestations in a god dream
Rising to a conscientious state of mind
Are we waking from a god dream
It is about time

Praying for inspiration
From my favorite deity
Waiting on that proof that we are not alone

I realize there are things I will never understand
As for me I believe what I perceive not daydreams or fantasies
This cannot be all there is - There is surely more to know
Do the math - Pray to God - Make a wish if that helps you

Awaiting a visitation
A simple proof that you are real
I cannot abide by faith alone
Is piety and indication
That a soul is saved?
Are you for real?

They question my hesitation
Things are not the way they seem
I know enough to know that this is not the end
So where do we begin?

How about…
Eat some bread - Drink some wine - Perform and Act of Consecration
Wet your hair - Waive your hands - Flag down a willing god
Down on your knees - Sing a chant - Pay a fee to save your soul
But what if they’re wrong does that mean that billions will be damned
Which god is real must there be only one
Neither Crusades nor Jihads will ever end in love
We are waking from a god dream

For we surely are a special kind of breed
Devising everything we need
And yet we vacillate and anticipate
And wait on things that cannot be

We are fleeing from a cold reality
And waking from a god dream
And it is about time
Fanaticism is a crime, not divine
Just fabrications in a god dream
Science not philosophy
It is about time
Track Name: Dragons (THETA Project)
There be dragons…
I feel them waiting to feed on my weaknesses
I hear them calling my name, preying on my fear
And I know that they are not real, just figments of doubt inside

I believe that fear resides only in the mind

What I can achieve can only be undone
By my own insecurities
Yet there be dragons inside me
Track Name: Impressions (THETA Project)
I get the impression
It’s so clear
No hesitation
When you are near me
Could this be forever? I will never leave
It’s just an impression
I remember your lesson and the memories
I see your reflection inside me
I answered your question
Now I get the impression that this is forever
It’s just my impression