Once again, this entire original album was a spontaneous creation, each track laid without writing or practice, the ad hoc layers thrown down impulsively, lyrics scripted out when my fingers tired of jamming, the vocals recorded on first take, impromptu and unrehearsed. Again, I don’t believe in channeling, but who really knows…


released December 21, 2012

Special thanks to the true musicians that appeared on this one: Adam McLean (, Sona Gevorgyan, and Malachi Francis who cleaned up my creative mess! Again, thanks to Huston Barger for mastering yet another album for me. Thanks to my dear friend Tammy Lier ( for her wonderful recitations and continual encouragement.
And thanks to my friend Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from ANCIENT ALIENS (!/giorgiotsoukalosfans) for letting me use his voice, his brilliance, and the inspiration for this album!



all rights reserved


GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Forgiveness
“As for me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination.”
-Ambrose Bierce, December 26, 1913

Confronting the afterlife, will there be a place for me?
Consorting the astrolabe, the heavens reeling toward decay
Conforming to endless strife, a stranger in the strangest of lands
Contorting through the day, I’m kneeling but I have yet to pray

Trading in the service of one god for another
Intolerance in details pits one against the other
Catalogue a variance to prove a point of view
Negotiations fail. And so we go to war for God?

I forgive you
And all your sins are washed away
I won’t forsake you
Or leave you here to find your way alone

Wicked Whims and Whimsical Ways
We are defined by what we crave
Our earthly passions fall away
As we near the time to seek the grave

Killing for a fairy tale we languish in the glory
Variations permeate scriptures full of wicked stories
If only one faith defines the true theology
Then the rest of the world be damned! Is that what you believe?

Did I confuse you
Citing things you once believed?
Did I abuse you
In your fragile sensibilities?

I believe in misery
That a soul’s reprieve
Is to cease to be
No release from Eternity

Repent for wasted Time

The appearance of miracles
Does not mean that you are saved
High science misconstrued as magic
Not portents from beyond the grave

If I forgive you
And all your sins are washed away
If I release you
From every lie you once portrayed
If I can free you
Of all the guilt you keep inside
Would you forgive me
The indiscretion of wasted Time?
Track Name: Progeny
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."
- William Butler Yeats - 1919

"Hello from the children of planet Earth."
-voice of Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene) immortalized on the Voyager spacecraft - 1977

Are we a Devine inspiration or but a mere fascination?

There are dark forms squinting through the void
Vile things this frail world must utterly avoid
The continuance of peace is a mandated separation
Extending an open hand we risk our planets amputation

How do we define our synthetic presence here?
Born of the Earth, the enhancements are clear
For thousands of years we have been refined
The Anunnaki improving our genetic line

We are the product of accelerated evolution
We are ordained to take to the stars
Destiny calls us to leave this world behind
And seek the Obligate Host

Heaven screams to us below
Eyes to the sky; Learn and go!
By our very design we need to know
That we are not alone

Mankind In Extremis
Progenitors in absentia

“Is this all we know?”
“That is all we were told.”

We have all but forgotten our history
Columbus sailed and a continent fell into misery
If they come, there will be gods among us (again)
Strict benevolence is nothing less than quarantine

As Lords of temerity, we are sanctioned
To stave off another Maunder Minimum
Shorn by severity, we are anxious
To breed through the far millenniums

We launch into vastness
The virus spreads or dies
Seeds upon the celestial wind
A tempest plague in disguise

In these haunted hours left unto us
We still covet hatred, fear, and lust
We seek to breech biology
Horrified, we return to dust

We blast off
Shems to the cosmic sea
Primate fear cast off
Behold Humanity unleashed!

The Purveyors of Provenance we are seeking
To answer for our being
No longer confined to a single star
The Universe is singing:

A chorus of consumption
Of predators and prey
We live by the grace of a naïve assumption
That the gods still want to play

The bitter maledictions of a tethered goat
We have announced ourselves
We are no longer hidden in vacuum
The children of Earth proclaim,
“We are on our way to greet our makers!”
So let us pray…
Track Name: Oblivion Dreams
And from the garden of our innocence, we were
led away into the cold streets to play alone
Would you choose oblivion over me?

I failed at the game of social integration
When I realized your love for me was all a fabrication
Was I not good enough for you?

Feeding in your wake, I tasted hesitation
To bury this stake into the heart of consecration
Was I not pure enough for you?

I need some kind of plan
Something to stake a dream to
Can you understand I am for you - Forever?
Acrimony burns into the night

A chance encounter turns into a sordid introspection
Your lust for experience relents to indiscretion
Shaking with carnal anticipation
Succumbing to this visceral invitation
Was I not raw enough for you?

It’s your final chance to feel love unrelenting
You need someone to hold on to - Forever

I will never leave you
I will not forsake you
I will not forget you
I will partake of you
If I could learn to hate you
I could use or break you
Won’t let another take you
For only I can sate you
I will never let this go
Perhaps this time I’ll get it right

From passion to arms – I’m a force to confound you
Escalating chaos performing to astound you
Was I severe enough?

Satisfy your deepest need as I embrace you
Quench your thirst for life just in case you
Choose oblivion over me

No use forestalling now
We have played our final torrid hand
We have attained this blessed ending

Lay back and close your eyes
Shut this life away
Release a final time
And dream into oblivion

You have pursued me
You have endured me
You have abused me
You have imbued me with everything that I despise

I will never come this way again
I will never love this way again
I will never feel this pain again
I will never hesitate again
I will dream into oblivion
I will dream oblivion
I will dream into oblivion
I will dream oblivion
I will dream

“By this Act of Remembrance, I have forestalled a grievous forgetting and imbued the Dream with a feral resonance of it’s own awareness and thus changed the course of my own redemption five-thousand years hence forth. I have redesigned mine own continuance, a subtle charm to try me again. I am now waiting in death, in this Act of Temporal Attrition, to be beheld once more: the reconstruction of my persona, forever.” - GREGORY 2012
Track Name: Point Reflection
In all Creation - nothing as pure
As curiosity and the primal lure to know
A visitation - Angels, for sure!
Escape velocity, our only limitation to inclusion

We film the heavens spinning, careening by
Is there all-knowing structure hanging behind the sky

Angels sweep the debated heavens clean of all transgressions
Enforce the quarantine
And in the afterglow we are alone with no reception
A silent Heaven beckons us to touch the sky
A quiet lesson reckons silence from on high is quite unnatural

There is no God without parity
There is no mercy without suffering
There is no Heaven without Purgatory
There is no life without quintessential death

From our very first breath, we begin to die
And so we search for meaning – A reason for this life
We gaze into the heavens seemingly miraculous
With every observation, controversy fractures us

I believe in Duality
Virtual particle annihilation
There is a balance in cosmology
Dark begets light or shadows cannot be
Faith cannot resist the pull of gravity
Hope cannot escape a singularity

There is no God without science
There is no truth without understanding
There is no hope without despair
There are no answers without questioning

Why would God go forth and create Universal Laws
And then disregard them all to humor primates standing tall?
With a hundred-billion galaxies visible from Earth
We are insignificant and surely not the first
The inverse of God is Parity-Inversion
Not doctrines fraught with duplicitous aversion to the facts

There is no God without absence
There is no grace without baryonic form
There is no birth without the death of stars
There is no end if we do not begin to know

THIS cannot be saved
Flesh cannot escape the grave
God is here, so you behave!

Love cannot persist through the Omega Point
You cannot insist to take everything on faith

There is no God without reality
Live for now, not for Eternity
We need acceptance without acrimony
Pray for devotion without sanctimony

There is religion without formality
Unsanctioned charity as we have so much to give
There is acceptance without monetary gain
Open your hearts and eyes and live for the same
Track Name: Gnosis
(Antiquus Dierum) γνῶσις

Anthropomorphizing God is a destructive endeavor
belittling a glorious nature through the eyes
of arrogant primates...

Something unclean has come
To play with preachers
Orbiting kingdoms now undone
Enhancing earthly creatures

One step away from Heaven, their
Shems took to the sky on pillars of cloud....

Angels strip mine the Promised Land
Hiding in caverns – making plans

How can the way be clear to immortality
With 43,000 versions of Christianity?

“Let us assume that all science is one and that
these are its two forms.”
– Socrates

“In this way, then, divide all science into two arts,
calling the one practical, and the other
purely intellectual.”
– Plato

Preacher man says that I am lost
Accepts my money gives the sign of the cross
Beseeching me to change my ways
Then sings this song for the Ancient of Days

Why would God descend in contrivances of metal?
Or tithe a bleeding world to sacrifice in flesh?
The creator of the Omniverse has no scores to settle
These are not the gods you sought:
EBEs from the Face of the Deep

My God has no hair follicles.....

Children in the sunlight frolic in their innocence
Contemplating payment in spiritual recompense
Celibate, they prostate in lieu of desire
Preacher says that poverty is something to aspire to
Finding demon skeletons thawing in the permafrost
Unearthing evidence of the records we thought were lost
Excavating Nephilim we revise our history
Based on facts not dumb faith denouncing archeology

If dinosaurs were demons a mere six-thousand years ago
Then who was building megaliths 12,000 years
Below the flood line? (Pre-Diluvian-tech)

“Back then, the gift was not material stuff, the gift was knowledge. Knowledge is the currency of the Universe!”
– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

My God would not pretend to have a father kill his son
An eye for an eye? How can vengeance ever be Devine?
My God created everything – There can be nothing more to find
So I’m seeking answers hidden in the grand design of all things

"The works abound in such ambiguities and indeed even serious errors, as to offend Catholic doctrine... For this reason, the most eminent and most revered Fathers of the Holy Office exhort all Ordinaries as well as the superiors of Religious institutes, rectors of seminaries and presidents of universities, effectively to protect the minds, particularly of the youth, against the dangers presented by the works of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and of his followers".
– 1962 Monitum of the Holy Office.
Track Name: Vivid Dominion
Fluidic morning light courting shadows in her damp hair
Curtains part in a hot breeze revealing all she shared
The crimson view outside this respite is tempting me to leave
To live beyond these smaller frames; to achieve (more)
And I say, “Let’s go!”
(I have something special waiting for you)
I need to know
(I know)

We brave our mortal frailty and lay our flesh on the line
For us to breed beyond this, we must leave soft tissue behind
Welcome to your new addiction

There is nothing waiting for me here
In this stagnant carnal continuum

“Ancillary enlightenment from pious coital entanglement assuages corporal obsession until I feel nothing. And then I am free…”

In the dreary ever-after, there a mystery lies in wait
The promise of something singular, I’m forcing the hand of fate
I vow to hold deep inside all that you confess to me
Languid sensuality – enter into my Quantum Coventry

But I will not relent to the edicts of decay
I will not forget you as this quick life ebbs away

A pledge to lead a full life, catch me if you can
Far beyond this puerile strife, I’m embracing a new plan

TIME was my sultry mistress, but then that wet bitch sped away
Leaving me in temporal squalor to hastily play out my last days
I founded a brand new heaven between your world and mine
Oh, temptress, grant me one last taste of the Devine

If you would kneel before me, I should cast you out to pray
But if you would stand beside me, I would honor you through the grave
Master of nothing, but good at everything
Conceived in subtle madness; So let it be!

Just let go and soar with me into this VIVID DOMINION
(I will come for you)
Take me inside

I remember her screaming,
“Oh please, just take me with you!
I have nowhere else to go"
Believe me, I have nowhere else to be
So let it be - I found a way around it all…

We will never be the same
We are forever changed

I am far beyond this world; So much more to know!
We form our own reality and I say, “Let’s go!”

There is something that you need to see within my VIVID DOMINION
(and I have so much more to show you)
I have one thing left to do to complete my VIVID DOMINION
(I am waiting for you)
Let’s go!…

Explore yourself with me
(Lost in the brightness of this moment)
Now taste the end
And welcome to your new addiction

Sensation eclipsing everything I have left…
We are all there ever was

"I wanted to catch a butterfly, Midnight, but I didn't..."
Track Name: Turing Test of Love
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
- William Butler Yeats, 1919,
spoken by Tammy Lier

Let us calculate the absolute value of faithfulness...

As the tide of all things ebbs away
A dying choir sings for yesterday
Gold bling and diamond rings are left behind
There is no finer thing than more time

A broken rosary, tarnished icons fade
Evaporating holy water leaves an ungodly stain
And this is the thing…

Like the ache of memories, hate, and blame
The pace of entropy tastes the same
Another year is gone and passed away
The best part of life and I cannot stay

A rotting crucifix - Weeping statues wail
Rancid wine in a corroded chalice - A tattered veil

Lifetimes projected in linear progression
The weighing of Deeds and Dreams (of falling)
Hindsight perspective - A final inspection
An analysis of self esteem
And I regret nothing
And this is the thing…

Was I faithful? Was I true?
To all the sanctions that life imbued?
A complex conjugate - my other half above
Did I pass the Turing test of love?

Confabulated ministries playing with their toys
Background radiation morphing love into noise

A finger on a fading pulse, I close my eyes
The edicts of mortality are nothing but alibis
Slipping from solipsism I hypothesize
There is nothing more… it was a lie
And this is the thing…

Did I tantalize you? Am I captivating?
I did not recognize you
I was engrossed in the world
I felt the heat as you walked by
I should have waited for you
There is eloquence in perfect timing
There is no use denying a parallel intention
Let us calculate the absolute value of faithfulness

Did I suffer enough?
Am I saved?
Repenting wave solutions pound the quantum bay into fruition
Unto the end immaculate
I have nothing more to say

The darkness drops again...