Once again, I pilfered Adam’s discography, fraught with genius segments which he graciously allowed me to arrange into one continuous opus, and then sang my heart out to complete the second half of “The End of Religion.” We hope this brings some closure to our story, enlightenment through contemplation, and a sense of wellbeing through understanding. The space between us was a lie…


released August 24, 2014



all rights reserved


GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: SATORI (the End of Religion pt 2)
The space between us was a lie
We become one by first light
Consciousness rolling back to me
I coalesce into my fragile reality
To open mine eyes again
To know is to change EVERYTHING
(The Pure Observer slips)
And now I know
As above, so below me
Everything is so clear now

There are things that must be known
Things that must be shown
And then there are things that must be
(the pure observer slips again)

And now released from that carnal dream
I embrace the lurid ever-after
Is it ever really what is seems
The pain, the awe, the confessions, the laughter
Do you know where this leads me?
Do you know what I've done?
Death will not release me
From this path once begun
Some things are forever
Do you know where I've been?
I was taunting the clever
With the antithesis of your sin
…and now I have fallen here

I was in a dark place
Left to my own accord
With the musings of that quick life
Fearful of the lore
Now bathed in understanding
It is almost unbearable
To know what is to come can be terrible

How can I find you again?
Where are we going?
Where is this place?
How is there space beyond space?

I believe in more than this
In further possibilities
I am convinced that all we know
Is but a fragment of reality

There are likely Many Worlds
Similar to “Here”
Very close yet far away
Infinitely near

There is so much more to comprehend
We have only just begun
To open our minds to the dream of it all
That we are ONE

Could it be that I have passed beyond
Into this new reality envisaged in song?
Could it be in our potential to even last this long?
Without a quotient physical our energies belong
To the ONE
What have we begun?
Does here our journey begin?
Our will be done?

It was an antiseptic day fraught with intention
It was the mercurial way she put her faith in animated suspension
“For a time.”
I believed it was right at the time
There was no other to blame
And then she explained:
“Oh yes, I see.”
“Yes, I think I could believe.”

But then I realized: Everything
And then I think we felt the same
There is always a choice
There are always SEPARATE WAYS
This is not the end
This is where we begin:

The only thing that lasts forever is Forgiveness
The only thing I need is the answer, “Why me?”
What should do believe, only that which I perceive?
Surely there is more than I can conceive
To live beyond Forgiveness is SATORI

Feeling the essence
Reeling in the change
Seeking her presence
Calling her name

I know that you are here – somewhere
And I feel that you are near – to nowhere
Where are you?
I will find you…

I know that you are here
And I feel that you are near

Be still, I will find you wherever you have landed
Fear not, for I have come
Be still in your new existence for I have commanded
Fear not, for It is Done
Be strong in the knowledge that we are ONE

In the tarnished gardens of feeble minds, they stand awakened
Servile for the first time
They take root in the primal fears of Man
But a greater sin is abject denial
that something else could possibly be
As whispered in my grandfather’s Theology
(which was ripe with quantum symmetry!)
Fear notwithstanding, come together

And just like that, I awakened from that sordid dream
Nothing remained as once it all seemed a moment ago
Feeling entirely alone in this blissful soliloquy
Yet, I soar!

Deconstruct the templates line by line
The actors and portrayers both mortal and Divine
I settle through the layers one at a time
And converse with the players - intertwined
We become one
Become ONE

I anticipate awareness soon to come
To explain this newfound clarity; this enlightenment begun
The principles of fairness do not apply
At these fringes of severity; I’m desirous to comply
We become one

Aspiring to be more than I am
But was there another?
With infinite possibilities, was there another me?

How can it be that I find myself alone?
How can a single soul atone?

If I could reach into Infinity with all those possibilities
Would that infinitesimal chance that we would meet still be?
Enough to pull us through the quiet realm of happenstance
Enough to ensure a chance for us to be
Enough to lure the gods of quantum circumstance
To allow the almost impossible to be

Still, I believe there is more to know
In the promised Causalities
I am convinced that we bestow
Forced eventualities

There must be familiar worlds
Similar to “Here”
Very close yet somehow strange
Enticingly clear

Surely we can comprehend
And we cannot be afraid
To open our minds to the “Dream of it All”
That are we saved!

The etiquette of ignorance is described in truth’s decay
Of this, I am Witness
Of this, I am Witness…
Witness, am I…

I am here, my love
So you must be near
Hold on to love, my dear
I will not let go
Of this, I am witness

And from the things we cannot know, we grow
And what is left to understand?
What can consciousness bestow?
Empathy and Forgiveness
If consciousness contorts the quantum foam
And the Pure Observer slips again
Then everything is freewill
Then this is our chance to begin again
This is our time to Define Our Place
To define an absolute

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations - SPOCK

Time is the only thing that heals this longing
And time is the only thing I have
I’ll admit I've forgotten most of it
But I retain her essence
I remit that love was evident
Absolved by her charmed quintessence
Floating through that great expanse

I believed that I could find ONE
In an infinite number of probable outcomes
What are the chances of that?

Eleven dimensions
Branes in parallel
Virtual Particle Annihilation
Dark matter wells
Singularities of gravitation
Temporal swells
Spinning Event Horizons
Heaven or Hell

What should we believe?
Do we create as we perceive?
Can history be retrieved?

Natural invention
Sates sleeping gods
Full of dissention
Playing the quantum odds
We have gained their attention
Manifesting thoughts
Are our best intentions
The concern of Elemental gods?

Death is most ambitious
Stalking us all – great and small
And so the Afterlife delicious
As best as we can recall
For one and all

Devoid of discretion
Are we permitted to question?
Or is it still a sin to be curious?

Mutating thought to action
Through quantum interactions
Training our Ginn to be furious believers

This is what you must believe
No, now this is what you must believe
No, this is now what you must believe

Now I feel the toll on my soul
As she reaches out to me
Our struggle to maintain
Just the memory of our physicality

The beliefs of another hold little sway on me
For can another soul be superior in need?
The teachings of my brothers are little frames indeed
Can another soul be inferior or lead?

We must all strive alone in order to atone
The harmony of oneness
Leaves no one to cast the first stone
We are always and never alone
And should you cast that first stone, the ripples never end

We are always and never alone
The space between us was a lie

I have become
More than the sum
Of unrelated instances
Tumbling through time
The space between us was a lie

I am the Watcher conspiring to alter
Things that should never be changed
You are the Witness entangled to falter
I am the one you can blame
Soaring together – broken wings in bad weather
We are conjoined in all things
I can feel you

Falling away
“Am I alone?”
Soaring away
“Am I on my own?”
Leading the way
“Is this the way home?”
Falling to pray
“What have you done?”

Breaching this level we rival all devils
In that we can choose to maintain this state

Feigning comprehension
I plot a course
Into the eye of the darkest storm
Of course

Death is most ambitious
Stalking us all – great and small
And so the Afterlife delicious
As best as we can recall

The only thing that lasts forever is Forgiveness
I finally have my answer: It was always me
Now if only you believed
Beyond that which you perceive
Beyond us is the edge of what we need
To live beyond Forgiveness is Satori

Become ONE in this fading light
Consciousness receding from me
I decompose into a fragment of eternity
I close my eyes a final time
And let go: SATORI
Everything is so clear now: SATORI

There are things that must be known
Things that must be shown
And then there are things that must be

Alas, the end of every story

Music by Adam McLean
Lyrics and Vocals by GREGORY