Light Horizon




This is the trial run in a collaboration that is over 25 years in the making... two artists on opposite sides of the country hurling their imaginations via technology at each other...

It is an honor to work with Adam McLean!!


released January 21, 2012



all rights reserved


GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Nothing But Shadows

(BE HERE NOW… be here now…)
Alone now I wait as shadows through a curtain
Taunt me with a glimpse of what we had
This abbreviated rendering fails to compare
To the emotive lust for life we shared
We were afraid to take that fateful leap
To take what life could give
So we waited for a perfect chance to live
And so we waited and time was no stranger

I never really felt the way they described
This cold sensation
I never could relate to their claims of emphatic boredom
Feeding on alluring scraps of enigmatic fantasy
Crushing through our lifelong dreams
We forged a new theology
(BE HERE NOW… be here now…)
For we are alive but for a short time

An antagonistic nightmare paling through the years
Merely enduring - my deepest fear
There are no second chances; no way can we reclaim
Decades wasted hoping for a better aim
Nothing but shadows of memories and it is done

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: Blue Shift
Blue Shift

In our ways, we are set
And change is so hard to believe
Artificial eyes scan the cosmos
Revealed in full spectrum relief

Vector orientation and increasing velocity
Prove that something is headed our way
On an intersect course
Faster and faster and Doppler agrees

Science leads the way
As we grow to understand who we are
Revelation is hard to accept: sentience among the stars
It is a numerically impossible
To have the only planet alive
And given the vastness of space
It was only a matter of time
There is a reason we have gained their attention

There is a direct correlation between Heaven and Hell
As the Eyes of the Nation turn to the sky
We verify that something is on its way
Something is coming our way

Trajectory set and verified
Something traversing the cosmic sea
Apprehensively we scrutinize
Stars changing directions impossibly

All of this was hypothesized
In prophecies hard to deny
Still having trouble believing our eyes
A blue shifted light in the sky

A new Heaven intruding, we are undermined
From our station of earthly supremacy
A divine iteration, who is to say?
But something is headed this way

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: The GOD Wave
The GOD Wave

A quiet universe of vacant stars
No chance of knowing sentience
In this particular eternity
A sterile iteration never self aware

A Goldilocks universe – everything prepared
Nothing is independent - Cause cannot circumvent it
Reality is drowning in the God Wave

Another Kingdom bearing down on me
Consumed in high complexity
I sense a grand presence washing over me
I am cleansed in the essence of friable probability
I integrate into the local state
All creation devoid of life - bereft of memory
No machines, no animals - stillborn causality
Baryonic consequences - Reality so ostentatious
Transcription errors in the God Wave

Universal constants rearranged
Into a perfect coincidence
With no one to crucify we seek another alibi
Time and Space are an inflammatory lie
Reverence is circumstantial - Absolution preferential
Trolling through the wavelengths of the God Wave
Deviling details in the God Wave

Selfless perturbations in the God Wave
Oscillating reason in the God Wave
Ripples through eternity - Subject to random brevity
Emotion ripples through the God Wave
A final kind of tunneling - Frame dragging eloquence
Washing away in the God Wave
Destiny is nonexistent - Entropy is inconvenient
A Universe canonized - Heaven re-initialized

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: The Dream of Lies
The Dream of Lies

Cherished relics entrusted to me
Crumble in the wake of time
Histories erased forever reduced to dreams of lies

Altered perspectives awaken in us a reason to deny
Things believed so far above us
Burnt offerings falling from the sky

I believed every incremental lie
And thus deceived, my faith so denied
Fables lure with haunting fascination
Pressed upon my childhood’s imagination
Now I choose to revoke my inspiration
I refuse to invoke my inclination to believe once again

Even in our grand disorder structure still implies
A frame exists onto which we hang
Our favorite dream of lies

Everything we know has an ending
Only nothing can remain
Prodigious efforts yield to cold and futile disdain

Stunning choral patterns break into a rapturous demise
Opposing harmonies disintegrate
Upon a fractured dream of lies

Atonal constructs rupture into a haunting dream of lies
Harmonic transgressions struggle
Beyond a chaotic dream of lies

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: Screaming From the Future
Screaming From the Future

Twisting together
We were recombinant
Feeding each other
A symbiotic resonance

Entangled viral hearsay
Yields eventualities
Destined to populate
The here and now

If time was not a twisted arrow
Perhaps I would not lose my aim
The tomorrows for which we harrow
Will never be the same as the last time

Conspicuous and oh so narrow
The progeny of life is sufferance
- so I listened…

And in that moment
I could hear the future screaming back at me
And to the past I plead for another chance to be (again)

I preface everything through finality
And pray for tomorrow’s eventuality
Time changes everything
Even you and me
The future mutates constantly
Looking back you’ll see the end

Stalking History, we fortify our timeline
In dreaming quantum harmony, our fragments align

I know that you know, ergo we go
Forgo tomorrow we know what’s been
You know that I know, ergo we go
We loathe time’s flow forestalling the end
I know that you know, ergo we go
The future behind us re-writes the end

The fallacy of intuition is the lack of subtle recognition
Causality has limitations hacking into precognition

Duality is mitigation of past and future translocation
The totality of limitations is that nothing ever changes

Feeling between the lines of code, I hear the Light
Screaming from the future, “You were right.”

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: Permission to Forget
Now I remember wanting to forget
Those golden times with you
Our temporary immortality
Should I ever pass this way again
I will remember this day

Sunlight glistening through the windshield speeding by
Our eyes alight in laughter
We were immortal
Endless opportunities spread out before us
As the limbs of an aging lover
We turned away

And now I sit alone
Wondering when I settled for this
Calculated solitude - safe and confined
Impervious to new pain - no fear of loss impending
And now I know what little I control is worthless alone

I’m lost in these latitudes - no formal restrictions
Complementary platitudes of grand indecision

Now I believe that memory
Is all we have and all we’ll ever need
To relive the moment time and time again
Reiterated feeling – endure it again?
Can you come out and play
Before this day slips away?

Whatever you want from me is yours for the taking
No social complications, just memories in the making

I was begging for permission
I needed you to show me
All of life’s temptations
You took me inside

Now I’m seeking permission
Before I confide in you
Perhaps some things are better left denied

Encircled by our best friends - laughing until we cried
Then we turned away and said goodbye for the last time

As best I can recall
We truly lived in the golden age
Love and life were almost free

I remember the reflections in your eyes full of possibilities
I was honored that you would even listen to someone like me
Now in total resignation, I pull the blinds
I don’t need this anymore

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
Here at the edge of all things I have found
That I’m closing on something profound
I filter the phases of knowing to see
Something astounding within me

Standing in line I realized how close I had come
To learning the way it would all end
Approaching my time, I emphasize the things I have done
Yearning to stay and do it again

I retrace my history – failing in all things undone
It always comes down to the place where I am
Chasing my fate, I’m seeking but one
Ending that I can replace – here I am
And so here I am

Music and sound: Adam McLean
Lyric and voice: Gregory Francis
Living in the Garden - then cast out
Manna from Heaven to famine and drought
Constant visitations – You never come here now
Still seeking communion – where are you now?

We built your temples now abandoned to dust
We followed as commanded with devotion, love, and trust
We’re waiting for anything to justify our service
A simple word from you would suffice

Give us paradise - then wash it all away
Bring us to be, to flourish, and then simply fly away

Why generate an afterlife, abandon us, then let us fall astray?

No mortal man may ever look upon the face of God
Even as the waves receded, stars descended from the sky
We persist against all odds
So we lean against the gods

We ask again to help us understand
We miss the calm caress of cold angelic hands
We call out to you this one last time
For divine intervention
For some kind of sign
We lean against the gods
We really don’t feel like playing anymore
We lean against the gods

Music and sound: Adam McLean
Lyric and voice: Gregory Francis
Track Name: The End is Near
I cannot keep this secret anymore
I cannot feel you
I will not grieve for what’s in store
And I cannot heal you
So set me free, oh I implore you
I am not real to you and I have things to do
I cannot live this petulant lie
It seems I never knew you at all

And now we come to this
One more chance to purge the Afterlife
But now I’m only catching static

Prophets scream, “The end is near!”
And then bask in the glory of created fear

Thank God I am not the one to which you pray
I would take it all back and collapse this day

But I know what is not true
Our destiny is now optimized
I should not do this without you
I cannot converse in fractured metaphors
Convey to me what you need
I am receptive to dynamic schemes
I am extreme

A financial crisis; A global disaster;
Environmental crash; or First Contact
None of these things could compare to the pain
Of our dissolution

My thoughts compounding into fascination
I re-invent myself again
Each moment we create inside
Contains everything
A new beginning – the end is near

Desires dissolving into wanton need
I cannot live this way, for the end is near
Devotion dismantled into cool disdain
I simply cannot stay, for the end is near
Interspection devolves into a curious glance
Of a bemusing shattered view
Of the life intended that we never knew
You lost your way
Love collapsing into adoration – I feel the end is near

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: Gregory Francis
In witness of thee
I tried to memorize Time Lines

So I stood there
A moment longer than I really should have
Savoring everything
Just another minute please

Relishing the intercourse
The promise – both yours and mine
Then cold distance sparked it’s dark contention
Just another moment in time

Now faltering alone
I commit thee to broken memory
Just another moment in time

Music and sound: Adam McLean
Lyric and voice: Gregory Francis