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Nicolas RESSOT Gregory (Greg pour les intimes) nous propose un metal original, très proche du style de Biomechanical (Bio pour les intimes) quoique moins speed. Certains passages me font même penser à King diamond (la voix sans doute). En bref, avec un son amélioré, Greg pourrait sûrement faire aussi bien que nombre d'autres. Favorite track: Shepherd’s Sun.


released April 4, 2014

I personally consider this to be my best and most fulfilling work to date, a direct result of the astounding contributions from Adam McLean (, Trey Bledsoe, Jordan Miller (, Malachi Francis (, Sona Gevorgyan, Tammy Lier (, the Ancient Alien dudes, and the singing voices from the past.



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Elementary
There is something deeply hidden, concealed in subtlety
A stalking contradiction, inverse causality

There are sounds in the silence that question the real
Something stirs beneath reality
I have found that my patience is tainted
I reel in the wake of quantum subtleties

Should we choose a Hebrew fiction
From deciphered papyrus scrolls?
Or peruse Mayan predictions
Culminating in our woes?

Should we heed to old conscription
To ignore the facts at hand?
And loose faith to contradiction
Or should we try to understand?

With finer resolution, we see things that should not be
The growing controversy leaves little chance for Thee

In the face of abject contradiction
We are told to believe
In historical tradition
We plot our soul’s telemetry

How simple the hidden meanings filter out for me
And reinforce the need to know how this has come to be
There is so much more to know than was ever in our dreams
Answers beget more questions hidden in the seams

Everything is plausible if you embrace the irrational
Your god is possible, He’s just not fashionable

Is my soul nothing more than neurochemistry?
Are my feelings just stored electricity?
The only thing holding me is the force of gravity
Otherwise I would fly from this simple form
It’s elementary

The fray of fact and falsity
Makes no real difference
If Fate makes all decisions
Then what is left for me?
Nothing I can see
I pray it not to be
I would prefer to be free

If Real Time is infinite
There is no exigency
If my fate is Heaven sent
Then what is left for me?
Nothing I can see
I pray it not to be
Free will is hypocrisy

We construct a perfect ending with PRESCIENT poetry
Prophetic ululations in three part harmony
A single photon alone in a glowing hydrogen sea
Why should a universal mind take notice of me?

Is my consciousness more than biochemistry?
Is your presence real or a fragmented me?
Are my feelings more than magnetic circuitry?
Oh, I cling to this simply norm
It’s elementary

Is there something in store beyond my physicality?
Or is my need to believe just hopeful alchemy?
Can these answers be found through further scrutiny?
Asimov’s Final Question is elementary
Track Name: Shepherd’s Sun
“We lived in the last days of those who believed
That we were still all alone in the cosmos
What a primitive mindset and so ill-conceived
How naive before the Angels were set loose upon us.”

We are a plague on planet Earth
And killed the cradle of our birth
If allowed to propagate into the stars
We’ll spread this sickness near and far

Human transmissions fill the void
Displaying all that we destroyed
We show our wealth and trust mislaid
Announce the fact that we are prey

Seraphim prepare their battlements
And fly across the vast expanse
With weapons of their indignation
A response to invocation

How far can we fall? We’ve just begun to crawl
We are undone - The end in sight
We have begun - To see the Light

We are now taunting the instinct of God
Redemption discarded in vain
We’re hoping that bad things will just go away
That we can be washed of this stain

We are contained on a single orb
What better time to face the Lord
We will reap the answer to our prayers
We are not alone, but no one cares

Below the firmament we stand
Between the eyes of God and Man
Lasers tracking angels in the sky
Burning feathers sickly drifting by

And so the end times are at hand
To close this final verse of Man
Transmitted scriptures radiate
We scorched the lock on Heaven’s gate

Disciples recall the aftermath of the Fall
Thy will be done - Eternal night
Forgotten son - Renew thy sight

We have no intention to martyr ourselves
Or to return this world out of hand
Redemption is something they don’t understand
As we are a scourge on this land

We sailed along without a care
Never knowing what was waiting out there
Impending change was in the air
We ate our world without a care
The scourge of our iniquity
Has ruptured through antiquity
And cast a pall on Thine resolve
To smite us down, lest we evolve

We have transgressed and have broken our world
We failed the test and will be regressed
Now witness The End!

High warriors wield catastrophe
And pound the Earth back into seed
Bombardments fall from Heaven’s door
That Man will rise again no more

The Hand of God has pushed us down
To toil and suffer on the ground
We shall not rise again from here
Patrolling angels reap the near

The actors crowd the final stage
The entire cosmos now enraged
Men of Old lead the attack
As Terran embers fade to black

And now we understand why no word from the stars
Contained from the start - No savior here
Our species takes a shallow breath
For the wages of sin is death

We have encountered a truth to behold
But so many refuse to believe
The viral inception of Man will be stopped
Space is the form and the quarantine of God

“And worlds without number have I created, but only an account of this earth and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you…”
– Visions of Moses
Track Name: Unthinkable
“The sunset in my rearview mirror is beautiful, but
nothing compared to what else I have to leave behind...”
- Malachi

It’s the things that she does
Cold calculation - her equivalent of love
She makes me nervous
A heartbeat above absolution

The way she prays to me
With mock intention and feigned erotic need
She makes me nervous
As she forces me to feed this absolution

And in the time that we have left
So deprived of sensation
We chance within a single breath
Consumed in exultation
Our path to purity is deft

Time away was a cold sufferance
The march of years was a hapless storm
I could read her sordid fear when I was close to her
It never justified the need to say goodbye

I remember everything
The corrupt invitation
Such an existential thing
The way she wielded creation
Now only this remains…

I find comfort in her seething madness
That rakes the coals of my smoldering dreams
I am triumphant in her seasons of sadness
As I skate the shoals. Oh, how the bodies scream for more!

We have defiled our entire creation
We are reviled for their fascination

Love has no happy ending
It goes on forever or it shatters every hope that you ever had
Anticipation is the bane of reason
You will get what you get and there is nothing more in store
And nothing to abhor

Apprehension in the seams
A silent warning filters through exalting screams
Her indiscretion is swallowing the means to absolution

With her function and her form
She takes her rules off and shatters through the norm
She makes me nervous
In the way she brings herself to absolution

And for the past we cannot fret
Insipid infatuation

I prayed through her cruel tolerance
A rain of tears on her glistening form
I fell through the years as I died inside of her
Forever intensified, we languished through the lie

I have transgressed into this ruination
Seduced in jest by the lure of elation

Love has never been proven
Entropy states not even love can last for all eternity
Cold equations force the hand of reason
To squeeze the strength from dreams and lives

Nothing to say
I let it get away from me
Response delayed
I’ll never trust again
Torrid display
Feigning sensuality
Nothing entices me . . . (Just one more taste?)

A need to pray
For someone to absolve my sin
Never belayed
My sense to try again
"Come out and play."
She said with such a chilling grin
I had no voice to say. . . (No, not again…)

Patience churned by ancient need
Breath forestalled with unspoken promise
Then love’s spark fountains unrequited fulfillment
Alas, this final, ‘little death’…

If I could see it through her eyes
Manipulation of panic in disguise
A transmutation of lust in the guise of absolution

As she reaches out to me
She takes the old world and seduces it anew
My hand is nervous
As small circles lead the way to absolution

As she filters out the need
To respond – to reciprocate the deed
Her hands upon me
She forces me to bleed with absolution

For my precious mortal coil
Is torn asunder as she leaves me wanting more
With mounting tension
Her grip releases me from absolution

…and then she does the unthinkable
…my favorite muse
…everything to loose by never knowing you
Track Name: Losing Everything

I remember the time when your heart was pure as spun glass
With starlight shining through
But now a shadow of guilt lends an errant gloom
With an ashen hue

Morphing through permutations of integrity, you failed to realize
The heights that we attained - the true grandeur of our lives

If you would temper the vitrification of my soul
With your crystalline clarity
Perhaps I could find my place again
Perhaps we could be again
Before we lose everything

You feel the need to justify everything
You breathe with the need to verify my sin
Precious little time is afforded our exoneration
We cannot waste life’s bequest upon repentant fabrication


I have always found these times of quiet interspection
Devoid of faith, yet comforting, and fleeting as the years
That have passed between us with amazing grace
With no hint or indication they would ever end

I imagine a time with our future as pure as our past
Not encumbered by hesitation, we could strive to make it last
Imagine what we could achieve without fear or resignation
If we dared to dream through this daunting prismatic sublimation
For now, we are losing everything

You feel the need to justify everything
You feel the need to verify my sin

And now we’re losing everything
Losing everything
Track Name: Half-Life
An old man sits in the living room waiting for the day to fly by
Another season ending soon
Hand in hand, a couple strolls on by
He watches them, knowing soon
Their union soiled and love denied
Another endless afternoon alone - one gone - one left behind

And at the time we could not see - he had already left us
At that time we could not say if we could ever redeem him
And in the time it took to kneel, we had already lost him
The moment focused, feeling real, we left him that way

All the former things are passed away
And I find that I’m not even hungry
All my stains are washed away
I am cleansed of the need to atone
In disquiet and dismay, conversion vainly implores me
Belief systems in the way
Still I knew the last ending was all wrong

Of all the things we had to say, there was silence between us
As the era passed away, we had fewer to blame
Looking back upon those days, nothing redeemed us
He was begging us to stay
We extinguished the flame

“And behold, the Grigori sang:”
From the flesh we are torn - Exploding stars
Some believe to be reborn back into whatever we are

I, too, shared the passion that he wielded in this life
As did he, I bathed in experience, in accomplishment and strife

Life is a test and we are scarred each time we fall
Eternal rest awaits us all so I want to taste it all
I cherished every moment that I can barely now recall
All the pain, the sex, the sickness; Oh, the wonder of it all!

Now everything is various shades of black
My memory is subject to attack

Apostle of one – my will begun
Thy Kingdom is done - less than none
No fear of what’s in store…

In the final days, he passed away
Yet here we stay rejoicing o’re the grave

Dreams are frayed - And soon decay
And pass away - And play dead

And from the corner of my eye, I swear I could see it there
A prismatic flare… a trick of light…
And God simply floated away from me
Thus punished, I prayed for a reason why
No explanation was given
And when no one answered me
I assumed I was already forgiven

There was nothing left to say, the end already upon us
We were set within our ways, at the edge of forever
Inexorably toward the grave, all potential behind us
In the moment we were saved there was silence forever

"And at the ending of this life
There is nothing else waiting," he said.
And I cannot live this lie for the sake of another
And as everything turned white
He closed his eyes and cried
"I was so wrong…"
Then he spoke to Another… and another... and another...

“…and the Grigori sang:”
I have nowhere else to be
I have nothing more to do
There is no one here with me
Still, I don’t believe…
That it ended this way
Track Name: Secret History
“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN, but still time.
Believe. There is GOOD out there.
.......(The Maldekian Crop Circle - August 15th, 2002)

Historians posit an interim grave
Of paleolithic remains
Is complete and definitive evidence
That we are newly made

That civilization in linear form
Is but six millennia old
When Gobekli Tepe was buried
12,000 years ago

A venal attempt to placate a world
With Angels patrolling the skies
Their megalithic constructions abandoned and left behind

It was kind of you to stay
And share these final days
And the instances between truth and doubt
All these things shall pass away
Even God will be dismayed
By the distances between everything

Capricious designs on the future conveyed
Then Gone Like Moses
An abdicated penance incurred tangent this faith
We abandoned the old ways in lieu of the promised
"Sacrament of Inclusion"
Once again we turn to the skies
Waiting for “The Return”

Even monuments decay
And this history will fray
Once again to relearn everything

UP to their old tricks again
DOWN by the river’s bend
CHARMED into the water
STRANGE to drown a sin then
TOP off that chalice again
BOTTOM feeders tend to believe

Still praying for that Rapture
The Jinn الجن‎ are breeding again

As the remnants of this age
Pale and fade away
Technology unearthed changes everything

Faith cannot restore us
With evidence ignored
Our secret history has been exposed

All these things shall pass away
Even God will be dismayed
By the distances between everything

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN, but still time.
Believe. There is GOOD out there.
Track Name: Laid to Rest
We passed the test of time
We cheated – Rewind
Oblivious by design
We teetered on the edge

We changed what we could find
Undefeated – Remind me why
We came this way at all

A spell to pass the time
All we needed was inside
Tenuous and benign
We teetered on the edge

A solitary find
Conceded – Defined
And laid to rest for all time