The Imperative


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The is our second work in progress. We shall release new songs as they emerge from the dream. We hope you enjoy!


released October 21, 2012



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GREGORY Las Vegas, Nevada

1987: The PHARAOH Project – Birth Rights
2008: PRESCIENT – Emergence
2011: Proof of Concept
2011: Light Horizon w/ Adam McLean
2012: Birth Rights (pt 2) w/ Adam
2012: The Imperative w/ Adam
2013: The End of Religion w/ Adam
2013: Apostasy
2014: Dead River Scriptures
2014: in a matter of days w/ Jordan Miller
2014: The Forge of Gods w/ Adam
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Track Name: Litany of Fear
Litany of Fear:

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

-Frank Herbert – (Dune 1965)
Track Name: To Each Their Own
“Where I am going there is perhaps a better tongue. Will you care to have a message in it?”
- Ambrose Bierce - Beyond the Wall

In a dream I went to Heaven
And I thought I saw you cowering there
But I could not find my way back
And you were simply unaware

Dark angels spawned around us
Pleading for our time
As Elemental Constructs gathered
Whispering of you unto their own Devine

We are so far above you
To all thy ends, be done
You are as we once were
We are as ye may become

But here and now, to each their own

I never really felt the way you do
And you will never really understand me
You never really felt the way I do
And I will never really understand you
We never really felt the way they do
And they will never really understand us
They never really felt the way we do
And we will never really understand them

We catalogued the fact of things above - the cosmic susurration
And found no formal evidence of grand manipulation
We are falling on the broken sword of love with no imagination
Believing every scripture

Two-thousand years of consternation devouring the heart of Man
The demigods are racing on. “Catch us if you can.”
Blind, we follow faithfully and condemn the disbelievers
Nah nah nah nah nah nah

But I say, “To each their own”.

By your pardon, if I can dispense with this ere of arrogance
And tell you what I know
My intention was never irreverence
But this is something you should know
I can see right through these subtle fictions
Vexing you in nightmares of things to come
And dreams undone as lovers left behind
And when I looked again, I realized perfection in your eyes
If we were not meant to live for each other
Then we may as well die alone

Forgive me, for I blamed you

Never felt the need to justify things I don’t believe
Never was compelled to testify on things I cannot see
Never had the need to deify nature’s symmetry
Everything I know is mine alone, my sole reality

Never really felt compelled by forced interpretations
Standing on the very edge of life with no resignation
Life and love, by my interpretation,
Are gifts to be shared

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: GREGORY
Track Name: The Edge of Life
Falling away from everyone
Starting to fray, I am undone
Should I pray for you to come again
And deliver me from the world?

We are not cut from the same stone

Open your eyes, its morning
Weak in the light, still resonating bliss

I am not your savior
Nor you mine
These moments that we savor
Will dissipate in time
Sequestering emotion
To stave off the grief
We use each other haughtily
Taking what we need

When I feel the weight of the world
Descending down on me
I seek the cool reprieve of your
Fluidic primitive company
I never felt such remorse
Or fear of separation
As I plot this final course
With haunted fascination

I was never one to grieve over simple things
And I never wasted time regretting the past
I only failed to realize that I was always on the edge of life

Shift my frame of reference
Suspend my disbelief
A matter of personal preference
From the high-rise to the back streets
I cannot get beyond the animal in me
Hunting for the Everlasting
Is this all I will ever be?

Could it really be this simple?
Were you truly here for me?
If so, then take me!

I am not your savior
Nor you mine

Alas the cold night descends hungrily
And enraptures me
At the edge of life
As sleep enfolds me in lasting reticence
Take me
Take me
Track Name: The World God
“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”
- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Once upon a bad time, we lost our innocence
Boarders bleeding darkly propagating indigence
Kindness overcome by fear of scorched earth relations
We dragged the heavens down to earth in our M.A.D. escalation

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."
- Ecclesiastes 1:9; King James Bible

Suicide machines on a planetary scale
Rigged to function if a human hand should fail
As if 200,000 deaths were not proof enough
Increase the yield a thousand fold just to call your bluff

"Mr. Khrushchev has exploded his 'Giant Bomb' in cynical disregard of the United Nations. By this act, the Soviet Union have added injury to insult: They broke the moratorium on nuclear weapons testing. They have raised atmospheric pollution to new heights. They have started a new race for more deadly weapons. They have spurned the humanitarian appeal of the United Nations, and of all peace loving peoples. They have advanced no solid justification for exploding this monstrous and unnecessary weapon. They have been wholly unmoved by the dangers of radioactive fallout to the human race."
- Adlai Stevenson, United States Ambassador
to the United Nations, October 31, 1961
Track Name: The Chaos Bringer
Bring the chaos
Feed the change

Nothing cut in stone will never wear away
As no one left alone will ever lead the way
Silence from above could mean so many evil things
Or a propitious kind of love from quiet solitary beings
We are near the point of no return
So that we are clear, we are growing as we learn

From the cusp of understanding comes a curious delay
Life not withstand this organized decay
Interesting harmonies fracturing the silence
Left far behind us in this compelling disarray

So let it burn

Bring the chaos
Feed the change

Science cannot analyze it
Religion cannot canonize it
The government cannot deny it
Your faith cannot sanctify it
The world cannot rectify it
Society cannot survive it
Time will only revive it
The Universe will imbibe it

The chaos bringer comes
Track Name: The DREAM of Things to Come
“I don’t think it is very useful to speculate on what God might or might not be able to do. Rather, we should examine what He actually does with the Universe we live in. All our observations suggest that it operates according to well defined laws. These laws may have been ordained by God, but it seems that He does not intervene in the Universe to break the laws, at least not once He has set the Universe going.” - Stephen Hawking

Life unfolds
In cryptic ways
Enigmatic roles
We seize the quantum day

Each of us
Is a temple of awareness
A unique incarnation
A god in progress

We are ordained
To experience Creation
To pose “The Last Question”
To bring exultation

As above
So below
With baryonic grace
We define our place
And bestow reality

“No fate but what we make. My father told her this. I mean, I made him memorize it up the future as a message to her. The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.”
- John Connor

We are mystified
By things we do not know
We are horrified
By things beyond our comprehension
Purified in the name of random gods
We deify the very form of our contention

One last DREAM before the nightmare sets in
Instigate a final communion
Love defaults to adoration; appreciation to scorn
If we dream of things to come
Do we collapse our own reality?
And each a god become?

Reality is a function of existence, a calculation
Yielding DREAMs of things to come

Our continuation is a function of redemption
What we have imagined can never be undone

Point Reflection and Parity Inversion blend our souls
Into amalgamated DREAMs of things to come

Denial will be our final transgression
As with everything we do
We have only just begun to dream
We shall dream of things to come
We shall dream

“And it’s my view that the simplest explanation is: There is no God. No one created the Universe and no one directs our fate…”
- Stephen Hawking

Music and Sound by Adam McLean
Lyrics and Vocals by GREGORY
Track Name: The Will to Survive
It was the will to survive
No apology for the things I tried
Forgive me this one indiscretion
I survived

So I’m a little bit afraid
For there is danger all around
And there is nothing to dissuade me from enduring

One thing is certain: I will die
So I invoke an afterlife
Still I retain the will to survive

Underneath this mask of civility
I harbor the instincts of carnality

I hope for tomorrow
I pray for today
I adapt to the changes
As my fear bleeds away

I fight the good fight
In the service of my brothers
I stand as alone
Against the bane of all others

I offer expressions of camaraderie
In hope of disguising my misanthropy
It was not me, I swear
It was the will to survive this merciless sacrifice
No apology for the things I tried
Forgive me this one indiscretion
I survived
Please forgive me

Music and Sound: Adam McLean
Lyrics and Voice: GREGORY
Track Name: Riding the Solar Winds
The wonder of it all was almost too much to bear
When we were Type Zero
Clever monkeys gazing at the magical stars
Primates with a need to achieve

We broke down the atom
We tampered with the FIELDS
Our ephemeral dance with the Devil
We connected the continents and harnessed the sun
We survived to become Type One
We lived beyond war
We lived to explore
Riding the Solar Winds
We had only just begun to imagine

We flung ourselves into the void
Into that unrelenting blackness
A Type Two civilization

Alas, we thrive
Let go our mother Earth
The ties of life we sever
The planet of our birth
Falls behind us forever
Seeds across the light years
We set sail

Riding Galactic Winds

Now Type Three – we cannot die
Breaching the corporeal womb
Extinction denied
We spread across the cosmos

Riding Universal Winds
Into the void forever and ever and ever